A new opportunity... please

(I'm still traveling, but I got time for this, today)


[VEX] Tennis Bracelet 
ISUKA Rhodes @Shiny Shabby 
OUTLIER.// 515 Slim Denim @Cosmopolitan


DaD DESIGN "Wrought Iron Vintage Bar table"  (group gift)
DaD DESIGN "Wrought Iron Vintage Stool" (group gift)

[DD] Summer in the Garden sofa @Cosmopolitan
[DD] Summer in the Garden plant @Cosmopolitan
[DD] Summer in Garden Lantern blue @Cosmopolitan
[DD] Summer in the Garden rug @Cosmopolitan

09 MI Glass Bottle Tray Big @Cosmopolitan
05 MI Sunflower Glass Bottle @Cosmopolitan

HIH brown wood by "sources" @Cosmopolitan

ChiMia:: Enjoy Sunshine Poster @Cosmopolitan
ChiMia:: Not Perfect Poster @Cosmopolitan
ChiMia:: Live Life Poster @Cosmopolitan
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