Turlaccor Custombike

Turlaccor Custombike - Trike Street Music - EVO

▶ EVO Motocycles Features

The EVO Motorcycles are optimized for the better ride,  animations, passenger and parks, with custom made animations.
You can access to the "special features" of the EVO by clicking the tank cap of the bike.

- Menu Access : Owner - Group - All (for CD Player, LovePose)

- Visibility : Allow you to set On/Off the extra parts

- Damage : On/Off Collision System (Broken Glasses, Smoke, sparkle...)

- Explosion : On/Off (Active Damage Required) The motorcycle will explode after several collisions from weapons or shock.

- CD Player : 45 complete Mp3
Pick Song - Cyclic Mode - Random Mode

- LovePose : New *Deluxe* Menu 280 animations
Cuddles - Dances - Photos - Lady/Gent - Foreplay - Girl Girl - Man Man  - 3some - BDSM
You can access to the LovePose menu in 2 ways :
► By clicking on the tank cap
► By clicking on the invisible circle behind the bike (to enable writing to the local chat  /1show or /1hide)

Obviously all the positions of the animations are editable from the menu LovePose to fit with your avatar.

▶To use the DJ console:

Turn off the engine by clicking on motorbike

click on the backrest to fold

click on the console to bring it forward

change the park position using the side arrows
or by clicking on the motorcycle and select park +

are you ready for music! I remind you that if you click at the speedometer or fuel cap, you will have access to the stereo, Lovepose where you will find animations for dances and much more

▶Laptop Stereo - allows you to use multimedia channels such as youtube and see and hear what you want


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