etham, Unorthodox, TONY

Hairbase + Facial hair + Eyebrow is UNORTHODOX THE BEST!
T-Shirt: etham - Ombre V-Neck Tee  - New! go in The Mens Dept 
Studio: TONY Structure -- The Industrial Backdrop - New!
TONY - Structure
This is a simple, yet useful studio backdrop that can be used for blogger looks, random snapshots, group portraits, selfies, etc. The entire setup is tintable, to edit the pieces simply  go into Edit mode> then hit select face> and select which face you are wanting to change. From there you are able to color of the walls, floor, ceiling, and molding. For a more realistic lighting effect, I have included two studio like lights(be sure "local lights" are enabled in your preferences for the effect to show up. To maneuver them go into transparency mode(ctrl + alt + t) and adjust to your needs.

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