Dakty Store - ANOID

Dakty Store NEW!

ATTENTION: The pack includes both normal and mirror version!! Meaning you can connect them both from inside. BOTH NORMAL AND MIRROR VERSION INCLUDED!
Prims - 115
Mesh Percentage - 99%
Area - 35m x 30m
Volume - 35m x 30m x 13m
This item comes with a rezzer. 
Check out the passes: 
- Drag to ground the object named "ANOID - DAKTY Store Rezzer" 
- To rez the structure, just click "rez". 
- Then, when all objects are placed in position, you can move the rezzer and make the adjustments you need. 
- When all things are in the correct place. Just click the rezzer and click "save". 
- After this. You can delete the rezzer.
MESH VIEWER: This item require mesh enabled viewer - Official Second life viewer or 3rd party viewer with mesh support.
ISSUES: Got an issue? Make sure to send a detailed notecard to Rodrigo Aubin.
REVIEWS: Reviews are appreciated, so all of us can know what others think about a x product. It gives all products an different level of trust and honesty. Thank You.
Other things as custom works, must be writen in detailed notecard and sent also to Rodrigo Aubin. If not having answer after 3 days, send the notecard again.
Also if you can't get to the landmark left here, contact Rodrigo Aubin.
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